Hi there!

I’m Nat. I have just finished a Master’s degree in Communication and moved back in with my mother while I search for work. So if Hannah Horvath was supposed to be the voice of my generation, I am clearly in the running to become its stereotype.

I spend my free time reading voraciously, watching cat videos equally voraciously, and napping gratuitously. Television has been my one enduring passion, both in love and loathing. I watch it, study it, consume it, cuddle it, protect it….nah I’m kidding, I don’t protect it. It’s plenty strong all its own.

My interests are varied, as are the topics I write about. My only real talent is ridicule, and I religiously believe that there is nothing and no one who is exempt from it. So if you read anything I write because of whatever dumb reason that you ended up on my blog, then I assure you now that every word I write is written with an analytical mind, a sincere soul, and a jesting spirit.



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